Weekly Events

Treasure hunt

Are you a conqueror and have an infinity IQ? Are you looking for something that can give you a hard time? Join The Challenge's treasure hunt every Thursday.

The opportunity to make new friends, test the courage of your best friend, challenge yourself, to find valuable treasures in the large campus.

Random call every Thursday Participants: Male and female > 15 years old If you're healthy, you can still play Group of 4-6 people (if there are not enough members, we will randomize the group) Treasure hunting time: 1-1.5 hours Game rules: The group of participants will divide people to climb each tower to find a map puzzle, which is randomly hidden in the clinging pieces of the climbing tower. After finding 6 pieces, the group will put them together and go to the place where the treasure key is shown in the map, within 3km. Finding the key, the group will return to the tower and continue to search for a treasure chest with gifts for the winner.