About us


The Challenge Rock Climbing is the place for you to challenge yourself with artificial rock climbing. We want to bring you exciting and new experiences combined with physical training and body flexibility. At the same time, this is also an extremely suitable place for you to practice balance and calmness, unleash your passion for conquering heights.

The Challenge Rock Climbing with a large area, including a lot of activities and entertainment services, is located in an outdoor campus close to nature, giving you a wild and realistic feeling. You can freely experience and challenge yourself with levels from difficult to high.

Especially, the most modern equipment and tools at The Challenge Rock Climbing are indispensable elements. You can rest assured with the automatic climbing device system that brings absolute safety to you. Along with a team of friendly and professional staff that will make your experience more complete here, we are always here to support you at all times whether you are a new member or an old member.

Auto Belays automatic climbing equipment made in the USA

At The Challenge Rock Climbing, you can freely try many different terrains from height to difficulty. Includes 6 different climbing surfaces from simple to complex, along with 6 of the world's most modern automatic climbing devices to help you conquer and explore exciting challenges while fully guaranteeing your safety. for your safety. Extremely suitable for physical training and body flexibility, perfect combination of eyes, brain and hands.
Especially with the highest climbing wall in Ho Chi Minh City up to 17 meters at The Challenge Rock Climbing will be an extremely stimulating challenge for those who are passionate about conquering the top.  


In addition to conquering and training your body through artificial climbing, the Observation Deck at The Challenge Rock Climbing is a very chill place for you to enjoy after doing your best. Here you can see the beautiful scenery at sunset. And to know how beautiful that scene is, you must be the one to come directly to feel it.



With a large area and outdoor space close to nature at The Challenge Rock Climbing, the air here is very fresh, the open space is spacious and airy, extremely suitable for families to come here to relax and enjoy. like enjoying a true picnic.

There is nothing more wonderful than gathering friends and family, spreading carpets on the grass with some snacks and then chatting and having fun together in the fresh, green space.



In addition, the staff dedicated to mountain climbing is also a challenge because it requires staff & coaches to be trained in professional skills, knowledgeable about climbing as well as mountain climbing. such as health, ... to ensure the safety of guests. Don't worry, all the staff at The Challenge Rock Climbing have all the above essentials and are very friendly and enthusiastic, wholeheartedly supporting to help you fully experience this place.