With a spacious and airy space close to nature, The Challenge Rock Climbing is also an extremely suitable place for activities such as team bulding, training... In particular, the scene here will become shimmering and majestic. for parties such as birthdays, gatherings, Year End Party or product promotion events...

The open space of The Challenge Rock Climbing helps the ceremony form to get rid of the sense of mystery like indoor parties. A sunny morning, or a cool evening will breathe fresh air into your event space. And if you need a backdrop for shooting or taking photos, this is also the place to produce extremely quality footage.


Traveling is not only visiting scenic spots, immersing in the clear blue sea or having a picnic and then enjoying local cuisine, but tourism is now a connection and sharing among members. Meeting that demand of customers, the form of Team building (team building) was born, which is evaluated as a modern form of tourism, developing quite strongly in advanced countries and in recent times this type of tourism This has been and is increasingly popular in Vietnam.

Each Team building program is different depending on the following factors: Number, age, occupation of participants, message to be conveyed... Team building tour is also an opportunity for everyone to have fun and combine physical exercise. Team Building unites individuals into a strong team, is for each person through the trip to understand the ability to cope with life, is a good environment to rub the reality through the lessons set out.

The Challenge rock climbing in addition to teambuilding activities for children and adults at Van Phuc city, we also regularly organize picnics to conquer nature, with the guidance and training of mountaineer Nguyen. Mau Linh, we will take you to the best experiences in your life.